Lolimobi Inc.

Lolimob Inc. Global casual game company. dedicated to creating fun and engaging experiences for players around the world. We have developed an ever-growing library of games for both iOS and Android devices. Our focus is on creating simple, yet addictive, games that can be enjoyed by players at all levels.

Our Goal

At Lolimobi, we believe in embracing innovation and doing our part in staying ahead of the curve. We are passionate about creating games that our players will love, and constantly strive to provide them with the latest and greatest gaming experiences. Our team of developers and designers are always working hard to bring you the best. we are dedicated to creating over top, captivating gaming experiences to bring players the best possible gaming experience. With our commitment to innovation and quality, we are confident that we can continue to make our players smile with each release.

Global Market

Lolimobi is rapidly growing in an effort to reach a global audience. We are already well established in the Middle East, North America, and Southeast Asia, with our games among the top social platforms. Additionally, we are currently investigating opportunities in Europe, Japan, and Korea. Above all, our aim is to provide outstanding gaming experiences to users all over the world.

Lolimobi is a company that specialises in developing and publishing mobile casual games. lolimobi is committed to releasing amazing games for more people to experience the fun of gaming.

Lolimobi's business focuses on the development and distribution of mobile games. Our game development team has extensive experience in game development, uses the most advanced technology, publishes games on multiple platforms and is committed to providing the best gaming experience for our users.